Adobe Connect - Known Issues

Last Updated: 09/30/2013


Listed below are known issues related to Adobe Connect functions as well as possible workarounds and/or progress toward resolution of the issues. If the suggested workarounds do not help you, or if you are having any issue at all, contact the IT Service Center (303-735-4357, 5-HELP from on-campus, or

Mobile device application support functionality with Adobe Connect

  • Impact: Two of the pods are not supported on both the Android or iOS mobile Connect application v1.7 platform, including Video Telephony and Web Link content. 
  • Workaround: None; however, other pods such as webcam and host screen share provide alternative functionality.
  • Resolution: May be addressed in version 2.0, due 3Q 2012
  • Last updated: July 12, 2012

Linux Support for Adobe Connect

  • Impact: Adobe Connect is not currently supported on the Linux operating system platform based upon internal OIT testing. Adobe states supports for Ubuntu 10.04; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.x or 5.x; Novell SUSE 9.x or 10.x and using the Adobe Connect Add-in for Ubuntu 10.04; however, OIT internal testing has not confirmed or supported this based upon experience to date.
  • Workaround: Use alternative, supported operating system platforms, such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X with supported browsers.
  • Resolution: Unknown. May be resolved in future release of Adobe Connect.
  • Last updated: August 3, 2012

Online Rooms & D2L: Users without personal account can't see archives

  • Issue: When attendees without a personal Adobe Connect account are invited to online rooms and then are assigned an account, they are not able to view archives accessible only to attendees.
  • Workaround: The creator of the room can remove the attendee from the attendee list, save the room, then re-add the attendee to the room.