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Supportworks - UIS Data Migration

Last Updated: 09/23/2015

UIS data has been added to the main call tables, and as such calls from the UIS system now have new reference numbers in the OIT system.  Call reference numbers from the UIS Supportworks instance can be “converted” to reference numbers in the new system by adding 503000 to the UIS call reference number.  For example, call number 139194 in the UIS Supportworks is 642194 in the OIT Supportworks.
Similarly, in the Search for Calls view you can search for calls in the OIT Supportworks using the UIS Supportworks call reference number with the “External Reference Number” and “External System Name” fields.  To search for UIS calls with the UIS Supportworks reference number, enter “UIS” in the External System Name field, and the UIS Supportworks reference number in the “External Reference Number Field.”

UIS Example