Adobe Connect - Web Conference System

Last Updated: 07/07/2014


Adobe Connect is a desktop web conference system that allows users to meet, share, and collaborate at a distance from their desktops. Adobe Connect demands very little of end-users: only a standard web browser, Adobe Flash Player software, and access via a CU Login name and Identikey password are required to participate in Adobe Connect meetings.


Adobe Connect has been officially replaced by Zoom for university web conferencing needs. To learn more about Zoom, please visit the Zoom - Web Conferencing page.

Getting Started

Go to to access CU-Boulder's Adobe Connect service.

Adobe and OIT provide information to help users get acquainted with Adobe Connect and its many capabilities. To help you get started please refer to the following resources:

*Note: If you wish to have the ability to host a meeting (rather than just participate), you must fill out the request meeting host privileges form.


  • Share files
  • Share presentations
  • Record meetings
  • Allow screen sharing
  • Meeting room customization


  • Highly collaborative interactions
  • Manage meetings and content effectively
  • Rich audio and video experiences
  • Integration with existing systems (Desire2Learn integration coming soon)


Adobe Connect is provided as a common-good service to the campus which means there is no direct cost to the individual or department.

Who can get it

Faculty and staff have the ability to create and participate in web conferences. Students are able to participate, but have limited ability to host web conferences.

How to get it

CU-Boulder campus affilitates have the ability to login to Adobe Connect from

All users have the ability to participate in a meeting by default; however, if you wish to have the ability to host a meeting, please fill out the request meeting host privileges form.

CenturyLink Audio Conferencing Integration

CenturyLink Audio Conferencing services has paired with CU-Boulder and Adobe Connect, in order to bring rich audio conferencing to Connect meeting rooms.

Faculty, Staff and Students

If you wish to use CenturyLink in your meeting rooms on a reoccurring basis (and have your own dedicated conference line), please fill out the CenturyLink conferencing request form.

OIT also offers use of an OIT dedicated CenturyLink conference line for campus affiliates, for limited or one time use of an Adobe Connect web conference. If you wish to use one of these lines, please fill out the Schedule OIT Dedicated Conference Bridge request form.

OIT Staff

OIT staff also have the ability to use one of OIT's CenturyLink conference bridges dedicated to Adobe Connect web conferences. Please refer to the information within the Use of CenturyLink Audio Conferencing in Adobe Connect section of the OIT Adobe Connect wiki page to learn how to use this integration and the information needed to set up CenturyLink with your Adobe Connect meeting room.

CenturyLink Help

To learn about starting CenturyLink audio integration with a Connect meeting refer to the CenturyLink Integration with Adobe Connect PDF.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Capabilities

VoIP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks. Adobe Connect offers built-in VoIP capabilities that allows users to achieve a high-quality audio experience for all attendees. Learn more about how hosts manage the VoIP audio conference and enable others to participate by visiting the Using VoIP page.