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Networking and Voice Service Rates

Last Updated: 10/07/2015

About CU-Boulder's Connectivity Model

Effective July 1, 2011, the telecommunication and network services charges were combined and recalibrated to an overall lower rate for users. In this model, users are defined completely on a headcount basis. Read the e-memo announcing the change.

How Departments are Charged

At the start of FY2012, departments primarily funded from the General Fund (in which most grant-funded employees are included) had the approximate equivalent of 90% of FY2010 voice charges scooped from their budgets to cover the fee, and such departments will now no longer be charged. Various fine tunings to this "scoop" are being made by Planning, Budget, and Analysis, working with departments, to ensure accuracy and fairness. Auxiliary and gift-funded programs will receive the monthly combined charge similar to the network-only charge in previous fiscal years. The rate will be recalibrated annually in conjunction with central campus augmentations to the FY2012 general fund scoop so that the rate is standardized fairly across all fund sources. With the implementation of the Connectivity Fee, we are able to eliminate nearly all of the other 1-time fees associated with moving and reconfiguring phone equipment, activating voice and data jacks, and even domestic and international toll charges (though an access code is still required for auditing purposes). The only fee remaining is for jack installations, and this is now reduced to simply the pass-through charge to the requesting department from the vendor doing the work.

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