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Network Registration

Last Updated: 09/24/2013


This project will implement the Safe Connect Impulse Point to replace the existing DHCP registration system and provide network authentication via a captive portal for existing DHCP registration networks (e.g., residence halls wired and wireless plus campus wireless) and for a new 802.1x secure wireless network.

Project Status

Completed IT Project


The existing network registration system, which ties a computer’s MAC address to an Identikey, has been in place for many years. Due to performance and security concerns the system needs to be replaced. This project will seek to replace the existing network registration hardware with Impulse Point’s SafeConnect. The initial deployment will focus only on providing network authentication for networks where registration is currently in place (e.g., residence hall networks and UCB Wireless). OIT will then evaluate the use of a software client (802.1x supplicant & policy key) for sensitive networks where critical or private data are managed. OIT will also use Impulse Point in conjunction with a new secure wireless network.

Customer Benefit

The new network registration process will help the campus respond to computer security incidents resulting in a higher level of network security and consistency. Future phases for the network authentication will ensure that computers and devices that connect to the university network meet minimum security requirements and support campus emergency communication efforts.

Projected End Date

Fri, 05/31/2013

Project Manager

Tyler Schoenke

Project Timeline

The new registration process will be implemented in a phased approach across campus.

Phase 1 - October 2012: Information Technology Security Office

Phase 2 - October 2012: Office of Information Technology including Computing Center and Teaching and Learning Center (formerly the Telecommunications Center) wired office networks

Phase 3 - December 2012 - January 2013: Residence Hall Wired Networks

Phase 4 - April 2013: UCB Wireless in Residence Halls

Phase 5 - May 2013: UCB Wireless in Administrative and Academic Buildings