Discounted and No-Fee Productivity and Academic-Related Software

Last Updated: 08/29/2014

Why shop around for software when in many cases you can get it through the campus for discounted prices or in some cases no user fee at all. The campus site licensing webpage is your key to finding the best deals on our campus for Microsoft office applications and operating systems for faculty and staff computers, as well as academic-related software for statistics, graphing, math and research for students, faculty and staff.  

Among the no-fee software titles for students are JMP, Mathematica, Oracle, OriginPro, RedHat Linux, RefWorks as well as computer security programs and utilities. The site licensing webpage is also the gateway to the Microsoft Campus Agreement website where employees can access no-fee office applications and operating systems for university owned computers, and even for personally owned computers in some cases.

In addition to downloadable software, OIT Site Licensing provides technical support for faculty and staff. Learn more at