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Content Guidelines

Last Updated: 11/04/2015


The iTunes U administrators determine the appropriateness of the content for the public iTunes U site in accordance with its goals and mission. All content must abide by copyright and intellectual property right laws. To the best of each contributor’s knowledge, content must not include any falsehoods or misrepresentations, or material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense.

Redefining: The CU-Boulder Brand Messaging Platform

We encourage you to use the CU-Boulder’s brand messaging platform when considering what content you would like to create and/or submit.

Who We Are: Our Position

We are the University of Colorado Boulder, redefining learning and discovery in a global context and setting new standards in education, research, scholarship, and creative work that will advance the economy, culture, and health of Colorado and the nation.

How We Reinforce Our Position: Our Slogan

"Serving Colorado. Engaged in the World."

(Adopted from the Flagship 2030 theme. It describes why we exist and how we operate to fulfill our institutional mission.)

What We Do: Our Core Themes and Messages

Through our campus-wide strategic efforts, we are committed to achieving the following outcomes:

  •  Delivering an unrivaled university experience

  • Transforming the way we teach, discover, and share knowledge

  • Building a 21st-century learning environment 

  • Collaborating on solutions to our greatest challenges in the sciences, arts, and humanities

  • Forging new kinds of partnerships with government, community, and business 

  • Promoting diverse backgrounds, opinions, and intellectual endeavors

  • Pursuing knowledge in service to Colorado, the nation, and the world*

  • Pursuing knowledge in service to Colorado, the nation, and the world*

*While It is desirable to touch all unifying themes in our messaging, our core messages will often “fit” under more than one theme. Choosing which themes to emphasize will depend on specific audiences and objectives on a project-by-project basis.

How We Do It: Our Brand Voice

As the flagship campus of the University of Colorado, we advance Colorado and the nation according to the following values:

  • We are committed to the improvement of higher education in the state of Colorado.

  • We are excited to work with each other, and with our stakeholders, to achieve our goals.

  • We support discovery and create possibilities so people, places, and ideas can thrive.

  • We draw from the environment and the people around us to keep our thinking fresh and meaningful.

  • We are pragmatic and honest about the challenges facing us today and the solutions we will employ tomorrow.

  • We work tirelessly to benefit communities in Colorado, the nation, and the world.

  • We are longstanding stewards of the environment and leaders in finding new ways to meet the world’s climate and energy challenges.

Quality Guidelines

Our “redefining” story is most effective when we set specific goals for each communicate effort and target our messages for specific audiences. Here are some questions to consider when developing CU-Boulder communication/content:

  1. What do I hope to achieve with this communication? 
  2. Who is my audience? 
  3. How is my communication an example of “redefining” at the university? 
  4. Which “redefining” core message is the primary focus of my communication? 
  5. What additional “redefining” messages will I include in my communication? 
  6. Which CU-Boulder brand attributes will drive the tone of this communication? 
  7. What do I want audiences to do as a result of this communication? 
  8. How does this effort complement other communications my audience might see? 
  9. How will I assess the effectiveness of my communication? 

While there are no size or length limitations either on the content repository or the iTunes U server, please keep audience interest in mind and irrelevant content to a minimum. CU-Boulder will not populate content that violates copyright infringements or intellectual property laws.