Licensing for Adobe Software

Last Updated: 07/16/2014

Adobe’s shift to a Creative Cloud subscription model has changed how licenses for Adobe products are acquired. The move to Creative Cloud is a universal change that affects all Adobe customers and here is a rundown of how you can now purchase Adobe products on the CU-Boulder campus.

Permanent licenses for some Creative Suite 6 (CS6) products, including Acrobat Pro, can still be purchased from GovConnection or CDW via the CU M@rketplace. Apart from Acrobat, however, the Creative Suite series is frozen at the 2012 CS6 level, and there will be no CS7.

Current Adobe products are available through subscriptions to the Creative Cloud (CC).

For personal computers -- those purchased with personal funds -- individual Creative Cloud subscriptions are available at for rates of about $240-$360 per year for the full suite of Adobe products. Refer to Adobe's FAQs for more information on personal subscriptions and current promotional rates:

For institutional computers -- those purchased with university funds -- volume-discounted rates are available via the "Value Incentive Plan" (VIP) in one of two ways.

1. Named-user licenses allow a named user to install on one or two of the user's institutional computers, and include online cloud services.

2. Device licenses cover a single computer, used by any number of users, but without online cloud services.

For those who join a CU VIP subscription before June 30, 2015, the cost will be approximately $273 per year for a named-user license and $165 per year for a device license. Those who join a VIP after June 2015 may have to pay higher rates. After June 2016, all CU's VIP volume license rates will be reevaluated in light of actual subscription numbers.

OIT has an FAQ to address campus questions about these licensing changes at You are welcome to address questions you have about Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud to Bruce Fast at sitelic@Colorado.EDU or call 303-492-8995. Bruce will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine your best resolution to Adobe licensing.