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File Restores

Last Updated: 09/23/2015


OIT provides file restoration for our Unix account holders. The intent of this service is to provide users with a way to retrieve files or directories that may have been accidentally removed or overwritten. Unfortunately, this restoration service is not available for CULink or Exchange accounts.


The fee for file restoration service will be $38.00 to be paid before each restoration is attempted. This fee is non-refundable and applies to each attempt. These charges must be paid with an IN or by check. Only the owner of the files may request a restoration.

NOTE on email restores: On spot and rintintin, your inbox and your mail folders are in different locations. This means that, if you need both restored, you will pay for two restores ($76) because it takes two attempts.

Who can get it

Faculty, staff, and students who have accounts on one of our Unix servers, such as,, or

File restoration is not available for CULink or Exchange accounts.

How to get it

Note: Due to our backup system, files restorations can only be restored within a four day window. Anything older than four days cannot be recovered.

  1. Fill out the file restoration request form.
  2. Take your payment to the IT Service Center located on the first floor of the Telecommunication Center (two buildings east of the UMC). You must submit your payment. before the restore is attempted.
  3. OIT staff will attempt the file restoration and get in touch with you.

More About File Restorations

Files cannot be restored that are older than four days.

Please note that there are circumstances which may make it impossible for OIT to restore particular files. OIT does not guarantee the restoration of files.

File restorations will be performed by OIT staff as their work schedule permits. File restoration will be a low priority assignment; therefore, it will not be possible to provide a guaranteed turnaround time on restoration requests.

If incorrect information is provided, causing failure of the file restore attempt, it will be necessary for the customer to make another formal restoration request and pay another $38 fee before a subsequent attempt is made.

A restore attempt will give a snapshot of a specific day and time or a copy of a calendar, current up to a specific day and time. If you are not sure of dates/times or if you want snapshots of various dates, each date is an attempt and costs $38.

Customers are cautioned to inspect the state of their files carefully before requesting a file restoration.