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CU Drupal Mailing List

Last Updated: 04/29/2014

Drupal is an open source CMS that has gained a lot traction in the web community in general and in universities in particular. CU Boulder is one of the leaders in Drupal adoption in the academe. There are many Drupal professionals at CU spread over a variety of units - University Communications, OIT, ASSETT, Housing Services, to name just a few.

We have started a listserv to connect the Drupalistas across campus. It is aimed at all levels of expertise, and at all directions - code, design, and content. We are a community with about 60 members; we gather monthly to exchange our ideas and experiences.

Joining the list

Anyone at CU can join the list. To subscribe to the list, please send the following command (as the body of the message) to

subscribe cudrupal <your name>

You can send messages to the rest of the list by writing to from the email address that you used to join the list.

Monthly meetings

These are usually one hour long and held in TLC 215. List members can request or propose a talk topic using a web based form.