The Impact of D2L Downtime on Faculty and Students

The last two weeks of January, 2013 were difficult for the campus because the Desire2Learn (D2L) system experienced periodic outages, some of which were quite prolonged. OIT held several sessions in late January and early February to listen to feedback from faculty, students, and staff who were affected by these outages. These sessions provided OIT staff with critical information about the impact of the downtime and about the ways OIT should respond to this situation.

E-Texts Pilot Under Way This Fall

The Colorado Daily ran a story in its Thursday, September 13th edition that described how CU-Boulder is conducting a pilot of electronic textbooks. Nine instructors are teaching 800 students in eight courses this fall while using a McGraw-Hill electronic textbook.

The Effects of Incomplete Notes on Teaching and Learning

This is a study being conducted during the 2011 fall semester.

Overview of Proposed Study

This study seeks to answer the question, will guiding students in, and then asking students to, fill-out partially-completed lecture notes result in improved understanding of key concepts of thermodynamics? Secondarily, this study seeks to understand the facilitating role a learning management system (Desire2Learn) and a media capture system (Echo360) might play in disseminating class notes, concept tutorials, and tracking student progress in using class notes.

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