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Plan for implementing technology in a course

Last Updated: 05/30/2013

The test-case for my project management experiment is an independent study course that I am currently teaching. The student is a first year doctoral student ("J"), getting his PhD in the ATLAS Institute. We are collaborating on the technical components of a large art installation, and have a good deal of information to manage. Beyond that, we have a series of increasingly pressing deadlines that we need to track.

After looking at several possibilities, I've settled on Trello: In further posts, I'll reflect both on the experience of using this environment, and why, after looking at several others (workflowy, team box, and more), I chose this particular approach.

In an ideal scenario, J and I will be using the software virtually every day, both during our daily meetings (to capture questions, ideas and targets as they come up), as well as when we are working individually. (Incidentally, I have now also looped in the personnel at the gallery where this project will be mounted, sharing "boards" with them as appropriate or necessary. Possibilities like this offer students a concrete glimpse into the mechanics of real-world scenarios for creative work.)

One measure of success will be how easily we are able track the large amount of detailed information about various components of the project. Another will be: when the work is over, can someone look at the record left in the environment and easily understand the objectives and creative trajectory of the project?

I am already looking forward to implementing this or something similar in the various other courses that I teach (with a full complement of students).