Indicators of Success

Last Updated: 06/09/2013

The primary goal of each of my courses is to help students develop their creative work. Because creative work is notoriously difficult to assess quantitatively, the indicators of success are therefore more ambiguous and slippery to explain. That said, these are the questions that I consider the most important:

On average, are the creative projects "better" than they would be without the use of these tools? Are the projects richer, more ambitious, and more skillfully executed?

There are some ancillary aspects to assess as well, mostly relating to the *process* of developing creative work, and the related streams of communication. Was the communication between faculty and student "better?" Was it more direct, clearer, and more efficient?

Finally, self-reported "satisfaction" is an important indicator. Did these tools help me have a more satisfying teaching experience? Even more important, did these tools provide a more powerful and satisfying learning experience for the students?