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ServiceNow ITSM Tool

Last Updated: 11/04/2015


The Office of Information Technology (OIT), in collaboration with faculty and staff, has chosen a new IT service management tool, ServiceNow, to better facilitate IT support across campus. ServiceNow will replace the current tool, Supportworks.

Project Status

Completed IT Project


Implementing ServiceNow aims to improve customer service while aligning OIT’s organization and processes with industry best practices, such as information technology infrastructure library (ITIL). Initially, we will use ServiceNow to manage and track IT incidents, problems and service requests. Subsequently, we will add a searchable knowledge management system as well as change, configuration and asset management capabilities.

Customer Benefit

The adoption of ServiceNow will help us provide better service to you. The system will enable improved IT incident tracking as well as more robust IT problem management and service request processes. In a future release of ServiceNow, we will implement a self-service website. For the first time you’ll be able to submit requests online: 1) IT incident requests: Log on to submit a request for help with your IT-related issue; 2) IT service requests: Submit a request for a new IT service. Once you submit your request, you can track its status through to completion, all online. This self-service capability is one more way we’re working hard to make it easier for you to get the support you need.

Project Manager

David Normann

Additional Information


  • Phase I ServiceNow Launch: March 22
    • Our goal is to launch the initial configuration of ServiceNow.
  • Phase II Additional Features
    • After the initial launch, we will configure ServiceNow for knowledge, change, configuration and asset management.

Department Partners

  • Chris Bell, senior associate director of support, is a resource for department partners who use Supportworks today and would like more information about the transition to ServiceNow.

CSR Partners

  • For our initial release, beginning the evening of March 22, you will need to contact the IT Service Center either by phone (303-735-HELP) or email ( to submit new incidents or requests; check on the status of those newly submitted items
  • This is only temporary. In a future release, you and the rest of the campus community will be able to use a self-service portal, where you can submit incidents, requests, and check on the status of submitted items.

Learn About ServiceNow and IT Service Management

In preparation for the implementation check out these resources: