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Last Updated: 09/24/2013


Desire2Learn (D2L) is Replacing CULearn: CULearn Will Not Be Available After August 31

CULearn will be in use only through the Summer 2012 terms. No access to CULearn courses will be available after August 31. Therefore, faculty members must take action before that date if they wish to save or re-use any CULearn course content. For instructions on moving CULearn course content into a D2L course, go to request assistance with saving or moving CULearn course content, please contact 5-HELP or

More information about the transition from D2L to CULearn is below under the heading Timeline.

Project Status

Completed IT Project


This project includes the selection and implementation of the next version of CU-Boulder's online learning environment. This will update or replace our current online learning environment CULearn, which is powered by Blackboard.

Customer Benefit

The new version of CU-Boulder's online learning environment, Desire2Learn (D2L), should provide new and enhanced functionality with a modern and usable interface.

Projected End Date

Fri, 08/31/2012

Project Manager

Aisha Jackson

Project Status

Desire2Learn is the preferred online learning environment on the CU-Boulder campus. The project team continues to work with faculty and the vendor to provide an robust online learning environment through customization and behind-the-scences technical processes. 


The transition from CULearn (Blackboard) to D2L (Desire2Learn) is intended to take two years and will be implemented in the following phases:

  • Phase 1 - Spring 2011: Identified Faculty (see Desire2Learn Trial Community below) Test D2L
  • Phase 2 - Fall 2011: All faculty can opt in to use D2L; CULearn is the default online learning environment
  • Phase 3 - Spring 2012: Faculty can opt out of using D2L; D2L is the default online learning environment
  • * CULearn will be available for Summer 2012 courses.
  • Phase 4 - Fall 2012: All Courses are in D2L

Start Using D2L Now!

Faculty interested in using Desire2Learn can request a course in the faculty and staff portal, MyCUInfo. The course request form is available in the Faculty Course Toolkit.

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