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FAQs about exchange programs

CU Boulder's student exchange programs are bilateral or multilateral programs through which CU Boulder students switch places with students at selected host institutions overseas.  Here are some commonly asked questions we get about exchange programs.

With which overseas institutions does CU Boulder have exchange agreements?

The full list of current reciprocal agreements can be viewed here: here

What is in a contractual exchange agreement?

Each contract describes the terms of exchange and benefits that students from both schools will receive from the other university.  Our standard exchange agreement template can be viewed here

How many students are selected for exchange?

An exchange is a reciprocal arrangement where the number of students CU Boulder accepts from an exchange university is balanced against the number of students CU Boulder sends to that exchange university.

What are the financial benefits of an exchange to a student?

Benefits vary by exchange partner. In most exchanges, the benefits include tuition and required fees. In this case, CU Boulder exchange students pay a study abroad program fee that includes the tuition and fees that will pay for the incoming exchange student's tuition and fees. That international student pays tuition and fees at his/her home institution for the Boulder student going abroad. The exchange students do not pay tuition at their host institutions; only at their home institutions. Then they trade places.

How can a new exchange be added?

CU Boulder parties who would like to propose a new student exchange must submit a proposal to the Office of International Education.  All official CU Boulder exchange programs must be approved by the Study Abroad Committee (a committee of CU Boulder faculty members selected by campus administration) and have written, contractual agreements in place (detailing exchange responsibilities between CU Boulder and the host universities overseas).

Before beginning a proposal, we entreat you to read our Exchange Proposal Information and Checklist.