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International Student Guide Program

  • Game Night

    Cascades of laughter fell down just as readily as this Jenga tower at one of the weekly events.
  • Farewell Karaoke

    ISGs wrapped up Fall 2014 with an evening of Karaoke.
  • Playing in the Snow

    ISGs took advantage of a nice day to go snowshoeing and cross country skiing at Eldora.
  • Trip to the Butterfly Pavillion

    In the Spring of 2015 guides and guidees took a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion.
  • ISG hike up Chautauqua

    In fall 2014, the ISGs led a hike up to the picturesque Boulder landmark.

 Newly arrived international students have the option to apply to be matched with continuing CU students. This is your chance to have a CU student help guide you in the first weeks that you are here. The International Student Guides (ISG) help you with questions before you arrive and with your initial cultural and academic adjustments. The ISG program also helps you find and connect with campus resources, and holds regular events and activities to connect you with other students. 


The ISG program is open to undergraduate and graduate students during their first semester at CU. Participating is entirely optional! To apply for a guide, please review the Incoming ISG Program Application.

The ISG program is a joint project of International Student and Scholar Services, the CU Student Government and the CU International club. For more information on the ISG program, please read the recent CU news article.