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Research Abroad

Torres del Paine, Chile - photo by K Kreutzer

As a graduate student, you might consider doing research abroad.  Here are some resources to help you prepare for this experience:

Continuous enrollment information for graduate students working on a PhD:

  • Passed your comps?  If you have passed your comps, you are required to maintain continuous registration until you finish your degree.  If you will be away from the Boulder campus, you can register for 3 dissertation hours each semester, and this will meet the requirement.   You could also request an exception to our rule and apply for the Time Off program.  That would require a petition to the Graduate School outlining your extenuating circumstances and advisor’s endorsement (along with the Time Off form).
  • Not yet passed your comps?  If you haven’t passed you comps and will be away from the Boulder campus, you can apply for the Time Off program for up to a year.