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CU-Boulder's U.S. Student Fulbright Grantees

For information about how you can apply for a Fulbright Student Award, please visit U.S. Student Fulbright Opportunities

Awardees for 2014-2015:

Student Destination Subject Area
Stephanie Ahlgrain Mexico English Teaching Assistantship
Sara Beck Thailand Engineering
Jessica Bloise Mexico English Teaching Assistantship
William Lempert Australia Anthropology
Brooke Wittleder Brazil English Teaching Assistantship

Awardees for 2013-2014:

Student Destination Subject Area
Meghan Byrne Brazil English Teaching Assistantship
Ulyana Horodyskyj Nepal Environmental Studies
Renee Payne Brazil English Teaching Assistantship
Elise Pizzi China Political Science
Sean Planchard Spain English Teaching Assistantship
Ian Rowen Taiwan Geography
Amelia Schubert China Geography
Eric Simley Denmark Engineering
Levin Sliker Italy Engineering
Marin Toscano China Environmental Studies
Andrea Watson Chile Energy
Claire Waugh Spain English Teaching Assistantship
Jennifer Wilkening India Environmental Sciences

 Awardees for 2012-2013:

Student Destination Subject Area
William ‘Porter’ Bourie Mali Anthropology
Spencer Case Egypt Philosophy
Leela Greenberg Spain English Teaching Assistantship
Barbara Grossman-Thompson Nepal Sociology
Duncan Lawrence Chile Political Science
Brock Mosovsky Netherlands Mathematics
Keane Southard Brazil Musicology

 Awardees for 2011-2012:

Student Destination Subject Area
Ilana Blum Tajikistan English Teaching Assistantship
Lauren Collins Macau English Teaching Assistantship
Catherine Compton Germany Music (vocal performance and pedagogy)
Ryan Drickey Sweden Music (Violin Performance)
Rachel Fleming India Anthropology
Guy Hepp Mexico Anthropology
Elaine Hild Germany Music (musicology ethnomusicology)
Joseph Knelman Norway Ecology
Nicholas Williams Indonesia Linguistic

Awardees for 2010-2011:

Student Destination Subject Area
Mark Arnoldy Nepal Public Health
John Dykes Germany English Teaching Assistantship
Christa Hasenkopf Mongolia Environmental Studies
Sarah Lawrence Uruguay English Teaching Assistantship
Kathryn Williamson Argentina Women's Studies
CU-Boulder student and 2010-2011 Fulbright grantee, Mark Arnoldy, poses with President Bill Clinton during the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference in 2009. (Photo courtesy Mark Arnoldy)

Awardees for 2009-2010:

Student Destination Subject Area
Alexander Barker Germany Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Nejad Paraguay Women's Studies
Abby Watrous China Civil Engineering

Awardees for 2008-2009:

Student Destination Subject Area
Jessica Lee Tanzania Anthropology
Jonathan O'Brien Vietnam Anthropology
Randall Scotting Hungary Music (voice)
Carla Stansifer South Korea Art History
Bozena Welborne Jordan Political Science

CU Press Release: CU Grad Student Gets Fulbright to Study Endangered Primate in Forests of Vietnam

Follow link to view a video of Jonathan O'Brien, 2008-2009 Fulbright grantee, describing his project: Video

 Awardees for 2007-2008:

Student Destination Subject Area
Stefanie Gibbs Germany Teaching English
Jenna Novaral South Korea Teaching English
Jessica Schutz Mongolia Business Management
Jessica Spangler Germany Teaching English
Justin Walker Iceland Languages & Literature

Awardees for 2006-2007:

Student Destination Subject Area
Margaret Baumanis Turkey Teaching English
Sanae Elmoudden Morocco Organizational Communications
Molly Franck Spain Economics
Amy Hutmacher South Korea Teaching English
Marja Johnson Brazil Teaching English
Ryan Smith Germany Physics
Brian Wisch Ethiopia Religious Studies
Roman Yavich Nicaragua Finance

Awardees for 2005-2006:

Student Destination Subject Area
Sara Balder Dominican Republic Linguistics
Lindsey Mitzen Germany Teaching English
Colleen Scanlon-Lyons Brazil Anthropology
Jason Sibold Chile Geography
Bryn Weaver Sri Lanka Biology
Michael Gillen Viet Nam Geography

Awardees for 2004-2005:

Student Destination Subject Area
Marc Levine Mexico Anthropology
Michael Alex Settle Spain Electrical Engineering

Awardees for 2003-2004:

Student Destination Subject Area
Carol Conzelman Bolivia Anthropology
Michele Ehrlich Taiwan Education
Bryan Hall Germany Philosophy
David Hoffman Mexico Anthropology

Awardees for 2001-2002:

Student Destination Subject Area
Dan Hanley Norway Education
Dan Hogan Germany Biology
Jim Walker Italy Comparative Literature
Joanna Mishtal Poland Anthropology

Awardee for 2000-2001:

Student Destination Subject Area
Karlin Kreindler Philippines Environmental Conservation

Awardees for 1999-2000:

Student Destination Subject Area
Ann May East Africa Anthropology
Pam Nguyen Viet Nam Anthropology
Aliza Wong Italy History

Awardee 1998-1999:

Student Destination Subject Area
John Lock Germany Chemical Engineering

Awardees 1997-1998

Student Destination Subject Area
Timothy Cox New Zealand Environmental Engineering
Sarah Halvorson Pakistan Geography
Thomas Hopson Zimbabwe Hydrology
Jonathan Mitchell Pakistan Geography
Thomas Perreault Ecuador Geography

Awardee 1996-1997:

Student Destination Subject Area
Alvin Plummer Germany Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Awardees 1995-1996:

Student Destination Subject Area
Laura Brunell Poland Political Science
Mark Camera Finland Environmental Biology
Agnes Lee Ethiopia Anthropology
Theresa Lee South Korea English Second Language

Awardees 1994-1995:

Student Destination Subject Area
Erik Anderson Australia Philosophy
Phyllis Bellver Spain Linguistics
David Klaus Germany Engineering
Jennifer Valko Colombia Literature

Awardees 1993-1994:

Student Destination Subject Area
Lisa Campbell Denmark Geology
Elizabeth Cantrell South Korea Photography
Steven Lower Germany Biology
Cathryn McFaul South Korea Teaching English
Jared Morrow Germany Geology
Philip Roughton Iceland Literature
Warren Wilson Colombia Anthropology

Awardees 1992-1993:

Student Destination Subject Area
Pat Lawrence Sri Lanka Anthropology
Dan Nadon Canada Theatre

Awardees 1991-1992:

Student Destination Subject Area
Carol Carter Norway Toxicology
Jana DeJong Colombia Literature
John Harris Germany International Affairs
Philip Keating Ecuador Geography
Beth Osnes Malaysia Theatre
Tim Weaver Ecuador Sculpture

Awardee 1990-1991:

Student Destination Subject Area
Peter Harries West Germany Geology

Awardee 1989-1990:

Student Destination Subject Area
Lynn Sibley Belize Anthropology

Awardees 1988-1989:

Student Destination Subject Area
Theresa Bogard The Netherlands Music (pianoforte)
Julie Heath Japan Religious Studies
Marilyn Mueller Costa Rica Archaeology
Don Rodbell Peru Geology
Irene Sullivan Denmark Religious Studies

Awardee 1987-1988

Student Destination Subject Area
Brad Sageman Sri Lanka Geology

Awardees 1986-1987:

Student Destination Subject Area
Doyle Byrd United Kingdom Engineering
Sandra Gudmundsen Germany Philosophy
Brenda Martin Fiji Anthropology
Daniel Schelling Nepal Geology
Mark Zellmer Venezuela Colonial History

Awardees 1985-1986:

Student Destination Subject Area
John Archuleta Malaysia Geography
Warren Church Peru Archaeology
John Greer New Zealand Law
Deirdre Pichon Germany Teaching English
Kenneth Young Peru Ecology

Awardees 1984-1985:

Student Destination Subject Area
Robert R. Forrest Romania History
Karen Gallob Mauritius Anthropological Linguistics
Barbara Jean Perin New Zealand Geophysics

Awardees 1983-1984:

Student Destination Subject Area
Debra Follete Germany Chemical Engineering
Camille Ibbotson Germany Philosophy
Winifred Mitchell Peru Anthropology
Michael Neuschatz Panama Sociology

Awardee 1982-1983

Student Destination Subject Area
Terry Parker Norway Biology

Awardees 1980-1981:

Student Destination Subject Area
Margaretta Handke Austria History
Dawn Plumb Finland Behavioral Genetics
Linda Skroski The Netherlands Music (Voice)

Awardees 1979-1980:

Student Destination Subject Area
Stanley Smith Yugoslavia Psycholinguistics
Fitzroy Steward Germany Choral Conducting

Awardees 1977-1978:

Student Destination Subject Area
Robert Perry Mexico Mexican Literature
Judy Congdon Germany Music (Organ)

For information about how you can apply for a Fulbright Student Award, please visit U.S. Student Fulbright Opportunities