Boulder Friends of International Students

  • Zoo Lights

    Thank you to everyone who came to the Zoo. We had a great turnout and everyone had a good time. Click on 'photo gallery' to the right to check out photos from the event.

  • BFIS Pumpkin Carving

    Thanks for a successful pumpkin carving event! We had 60 BFIS members participate! Check out the photos located under the blue Photo Gallery tab to the right.

  • Dinner Network

    Families are always needed to host for the BFIS Dinner Network. This one-time commitment is perfect for families who might be too busy for traditional matching but still want to be involved. If you are interested, please email Sam Cosgrove, the BFIS Program Coordinator, at or

What is Boulder Friends of International Students (BFIS)?

Originally established in 1948, BFIS pairs international students with local families (called hospitality families) in order to create a sense of belonging in the CU and local communities for international students.  This program is mutually beneficial for students and families as we seek to enhance intercultural communication through understanding, acceptance, and celebration of culture, traditions, language, education, and religion in an increasingly global world.  

What's the commitment?

Hospitality families and students are expected to meet at least once/month.  Typical activities include grabbing a coffee/tea together, going to events on campus, going to a sporting event, hiking, hosting a meal, playing board or video games, family traditions, etc.  Basically anything you think would be fun for both parties feel free to try!  Matches are made for one year, but often students and families remain connected after the one-year commitment. 

How are students and families matched?

BFIS hosts a welcome picnic shortly after students arrive for the fall semester.  The picnic is a great opportunity for students and families to come chat and break bread.  We'll take requests if you hit it off with someone at the picnic, but if not, no worries!  We'll match you with someone based primarily on your common interests, but we'll also take any allergies or other pertinent information into consideration.  Our goal for the future is to have all of the matches done by mid-September so students have a chance to connect with their hospitality family and ease the acclimation to life in Boulder.  We also match students and families in the spring semester so if you missed the boat for the fall, you can still apply and we'll get you matched in the spring!

BFIS Events

BFIS will host multiple events each semester.  Events will be posted on the BFIS website and details will be communicated via email.  These are fun and easy ways to give students and families a chance to get together.

What if I don't live in Boulder?

No problem!  Families and students can be involved whether you live in Boulder, Denver, or any of the surrounding communities.  We just ask that you be considerate when making arrangements to meet and try to meet somewhere that works for both parties.  

How can I get involved?

Below are the applications for hospitality families and students. We're working on an application that can be submitted electronically, but for now we ask that you please mail or email your completed application. Where to send the application is listed on the application itself.


Hospitality Families Application
International Students Application    

How To Apply

Download and complete the appropriate application, and select one or both of the following:
A. Traditional BFIS arrangement, with a commitment of a semester or a year!
B. The BFIS Dinner Network, with a commitment of only one dinner!
Submit your application to BFIS Matching Coordinator
c/o ISSP
Cultural Unity & Engagement Center
103 UCB
Boulder, CO 80303-0103
or drop it off at the CUE Center in the Center for Community, Suite N320

When Matched!

The BFIS Matching Coordinator will notify both students and hosts when a match has been made.

Matches are based on the hosts' and student's preferences, common interests, food restrictions, etc.