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Welcome Packet for International Students

The following documents are found in the yellow folders you receive at Immigration Check-in:

       1. International Student Responsibility Contract
        2. Immigration Check-in Check List
       3. English Language Resource
        4. Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy Summary

5. What to do if You're Stopped by Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI.
       6. Updating your address in MyCUInfo
        7. US Medical Insurance Requirements
       8. Instructions for printing your I-94
 9. Driving in Colorado
10. SEVIS Information
11. Programs for International Students
                      12. Activities for the semester
13. Student Handbook
       14. Links to maps, activites, etc.
15. Missing home? Where to eat.
          16. MAP: 1-9 office, SSN office, DMV
        17. MAP: Points of Interest

Additional Forms for J-1 Students:
        1. Insurance Compliance Form
        2. Emergency Contact Form