• Course requirements and course descriptions are in the University of Colorado at Boulder Catalog.
• Registration information can be found here.
• Undergraduate academic orientation information can be found here.

First, you will receive a letter from the Office of Admissions accepting you to CU-Boulder. It will contain the following information:

    1. your student identification number, which is a nine-digit number;
    2. your personal identification number, or PIN is a combination of letters, numbers, and characters(you will receive this number from the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Second, plan your travel carefully so you arrive in time to attend your required orientation meetings. International Undergraduate Orientation begins Friday, August 14th and International Graduate Orientation is Saturday, August 22nd. (Exchange students will attend the International Graduate Orientation on Saturday, August 22nd and a check-in session on Thursday, August 20th) Attendance at the academic orientation is mandatory. You will receive your orientation materials and information about registration.

Some colleges at CU require new students to attend an academic orientation or new student meeting before they can register, and other schools or departments allow students to register before coming to Boulder. Find the academic orientation dates sent to you in the information you receive from your college or department. If you are an undergraduate student, you are required to go to your college's academic orientation session: you will not be able to register until you do.

You will register for classes through MyCUInfo (the portal). You will access MyCUInfo to check registration information. This information will include your enrollment appointment, academic advising information and service indicators (or holds - for example: advising or financial stop).

Registration means enrolling in courses. When you register for each course, one of the following events will happen: You will be: (1) enrolled immediately; (2) put on a waitlist; or (3) denied enrollment. If you are a J-1 Exchange student, make sure that you are enrolled for at least one class before your registration deadline. You will be able to adjust (drop/add) your course schedule later.

When you finish the drop/add process, you must be enrolled full-time to meet immigration requirements. Undergraduates must have at least 12 credit hours; graduate students must have at least 5 credit hours of graduate level courses or 8 credit hours of a combination of graduate and undergraduate courses. Graduate students, you need to check with your department each semester to make sure you are enrolled full-time, because later on in your degree program, the minimum required credit hours can change.

  • Graduate students: You should consult with an advisor in your department to determine if there will be an orientation session and which courses are recommended. You can then register in MyCUInfo.
  • Undergraduate students: You are required to attend the International Student Undergraduate Orientation. You will register for courses during your Academic portion of Orientation. Be sure to sign up for your Orientation session now by clicking here.
  • Transfer (undergraduate): You are required to attend your College's Academic Orientation. The Office of Admissions will prepare an evaluation of your previous academic work which you can pick up in Regent Hall, if you haven’t received it prior to arriving in Boulder. Take this transfer credit evaluation to your academic advisor for a determination of how these credits will apply towards your major and degree requirements at CU. If you are an Arts and Sciences or Business transfer student, you will get your evaluation at orientation.
  • Exchange Students: If you are an exchange student coming to the University through a cooperative agreement with the University of Colorado and your home institution, you will NOT attend an Academic Orientation session. Your student number will included with your acceptance letter that comes from ISSS. Your PIN will be assigned by OIT. You should register through MyCUInfo before arriving and enroll in at least one class.