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Programs for International Students

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There are numerous clubs to join and activities for international students. Some club memberships are based on nationality or culture; others a mix of students from all over the world. For a more complete list of CU student Clubs and Organizations, see the UCSU Club Guide: Current members will be happy to share information about their group, so feel free to contact the students listed at: An overview of international student programs sponsored by ISSS is listed below; a flier with more details about each will be included in your check-in materials.

Boulder Friends of International Students

Some of your most rewarding experiences will be the ones outside the classroom or campus environment, when you become friends with local people and learn about American customs, lifestyle, and traditions. Boulder Friends of International Students (BFIS) provides this opportunity.

BFIS is a friendship organization of volunteers in the Boulder community. Members help students settle into life in Boulder, and hope to build friendships and share cultural insights with their international student. You will not live with your host, but you may get together from time to time for various activities, like meeting for coffee or a meal, hiking, attending a sporting or cultural event, sharing holidays, or conversation. Participation is voluntary, but if you do ask to be matched with a host, we expect you to see your friend at least once a month.

To be matched with a BFIS host, please complete and return the attached BFIS application form. There is no fee to be matched. After you have been assigned a suitable host, you will receive a letter with information about your friend. BFIS will try to match you before you leave your home country, but you may not be matched until you arrive. If you have not received a letter with information about your host before you leave home (or if you decide at the last minute you would like to have a host), please tell an advisor when you check-in.


CU-International is a group of student volunteers who plan and lead activities for international students, scholars, and faculty. They also provide support and service to international students experiencing sudden and unusual difficulties. Members are both international and American students. New students meet CU International members for the first time during check-in at ISSS. They are friendly students who answer questions, organize campus tours, and plan dinners and other events where students can meet each other.

Both of the following activities, organized by CU International, are excellent ways to meet people and to get additional conversational practice:

  • International Coffee Hour: On Friday afternoons during the Fall and Spring semesters, all CU students, faculty, and staff are invited to an informal gathering at the University Memorial Center (UMC), UMC Grill, 4 - 5:30 p.m.
  • CU International’s "CUWednesday" is a weekly gathering at different local restaurants. Check the CU International website for the latest details.

International Festival

The International Festival is a celebration of the many cultures and countries represented on the CU-Boulder campus. It is held on a Saturday in the spring semester; international students showcase their country and culture through displays, performances, and samples of food. The Festival is very popular with over 4,000 people attending.  The Festival is organized by a committee of international students with the guidance of an ISSS staff member. The International Festival Committee (IFC) meets for most of the fall and spring semesters to organize the event. All CU students are welcome to join the IFC.