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Mission Vision Word Cloud

Mission Statement – why OIE exists

The mission of the Office of International Education (OIE) is to actively promote international and intercultural understanding and to enrich the academic and cultural environment of CU-Boulder by facilitating the exchange of people and ideas.  OIE brings CU to the world and the world to CU.

Vision Statement – what success looks like

The CU-Boulder community (students, faculty and staff) has a broader world view, has a richer understanding of other cultures, and is more tolerant of differences, as a result of educational experiences offered by the Office of International Education.

Core Values – the context within which we do our work

  • We value being a major contributor to the University’s mission of fostering critical thought and responsible global citizenship.
  • We value students and their willingness to step beyond the safety of what they already know.
  • We value what international students and scholars bring to the University’s learning environment. 
  • We value education in all forms; growth experiences; students learning from students; personal development; transformation.
  • We value internationalism, intercultural awareness and communication, diversity and respect for other people and cultures.
  • We value tolerance, open-mindedness and forward-thinking; we value creating world peace one student at a time.
  • We value innovation, creativity and flexibility.
  • We value professionalism, competence and a strong work ethic.
  • We value teamwork, inclusiveness, mutual respect and community.
  • We value humor, fun and optimism.