CU-Boulder Students Gain International Marketing Experience in Italy

February 25, 2014

In Fall 2013, University of Colorado Boulder students gained hands-on international marketing experience while studying abroad in Perugia, a small medieval city in central Italy. Amy Nguyen, Jiali Wang and Rachel White studied abroad on the program Arcadia Italy: Perugia with the Umbra Institute. While abroad they enrolled in an international marketing course which included a service learning component through a partnership with a local Umbrian company.

This last fall, the partner company was, Pashmere, is a thirdgeneration, traditional Italian family-run, cashmere clothing company. Nguyen, Wang, White and their classmates researched current and potential exportation markets in China, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Brazil. Based on managerial interviews, on-site observations, a SWOT analysis, and review of Pashmere’s business operations and materials, groups presented their findings and recommendations to Pashmere representatives at the end of the semester.

Service learning opportunities link critical thinking and academic coursework with collaboration with the local community. Participation allows students to become active participants in their learning, both in and outside of the classroom. To see a full list of CU-Boulder programs that offer either service learning or internship opportunities, visit: