New CU Study Abroad Offerings

April 30, 2013

For over fifty years, the Office of International Educations’ Study Abroad Programs (SAP) has worked with students to match them with programs that can maximize their potential and fulfill their individual interests. Recently, the office expanded its program portfolio to include 24 new programs to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse interests of CU-Boulder students. These program additions include summer internships, and several new exchanges and faculty-led Global Seminars throughout the world.

On GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Internships students are placed in tailored professional internships in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Spain that meet the interests of many majors. All internships include an academic component as well as guidance developing a successful personal brand.

Carlos III University of Madrid provides the opportunity to study in the heart of Madrid without having a previous Spanish language background. The Journalism program is pleased with this new exchange because it has some of the best journalism facilities in all of Europe. While SAP has offered programs in Spain without language requirement before, this is one of the first to have such a wide range of course offerings.

The new Global Seminar Justice, Human Rights, and Democracy in Israel introduces students to a dynamic, multi-perspective view of peace, justice and human rights topics. This 5 week course has both an academic and a service learning component. The service learning portion is tailored to the personal interest of the individual student and will be counted as internship credit.

The HEC Montreal Business School is a prestigious business school that gives students the opportunity to take classes in English, Spanish or French while living in a bustling metropolitan city. Students can practice their trading skills in the HEC’s trading rooms fed by real-time data used for trading stimulations. 

The new Global Seminar Urban Site Analysis and Design in Rome, led by CU Environmental Design Professor John Barbour, is truly a unique experience for Environmental Design students who want to fulfill studio credit. In a highly interactive setting, students can complete part or all of their praxis while analyzing a site in urban Rome.

Every student has different goals when planning their study abroad experience. These new programs ensure that CU-Boulder’s dynamic student population’s needs continue to be met, and will provide a unique experience that students can use to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive job market. For a full list of programs please visit:

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