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GO Scholars program aims to reduce financial barriers to studying abroad

Computers to Youth

CU-Boulder program bridging the 'digital divide'

Computers to Youth keeps computers out of landfills, gives them to underserved high school students

Frehman Students

Board encouraged by diversity strides at CU

The University of Colorado Denver reported to the CU Board of Regents at its June meeting that more than half of its new resident freshmen are a racial/ethnic minority: CU Denver is at 51 percent, UCCS 36 percent and CU-Boulder 29 percent.

Staff Member and Freshman Class at Convocation

CU-Boulder freshman class sets record for academic qualifications and diversity

The University of Colorado Boulder welcomed a freshman class of 5,869 students, a slight increase by 0.4 percent over last year, and in the process achieved the most academically qualified and diverse incoming class in the campus’s history.

Pre-Collegiate Students in Front of Farrand Field

CU-Boulder's pre-collegiate program prepares young students

Centaurus High School senior Frank Delaney applied in seventh grade to the University of Colorado's pre-collegiate development program because he wanted to be on the "inside track."

Family Learning Center partners with CU-Boulder to get kids college-ready

Boulder's Family Learning Center is partnering with the University of Colorado to create a summer program for high school students that will make sure they're prepared for college-level work and walk them through the application process.

Technology For Life: How Students With Disabilities Are Attending College At Record Rates

415% more students with disabilities are attending college now compared to 35 years ago. CU Boulder’s Disability Services Office assists over 2,000 students on campus.