At CU-Boulder, diversity is defined broadly to ensure the inclusion of a wide variety of human experiences and identities. The university recognizes and celebrates a diverse campus community to include people fron many backgrounds—ethnic, regional and national origins, cultural heritage, intellectual, economic, religious, international—as well as first-generation students, people with disabilities, students who are parents, people of different sexual and gender orientations, people of different ages, and many other diverse characteristics.

The University of Colorado at Boulder will develop, implement, and assess university strategies to improve the diversity of faculty, students, and staff as well as to foster a supportive, more inclusive community for all. We envision a campus:

  • that addresses the special needs of groups and individuals who historically have faced institutional barriers,
  • where the quality of education is enhanced and enriched by a diverse campus community, and
  • where the entire campus benefits from participation in a multicultural community.
By 2030 we aim to make CU-Boulder a model for the nation in applying best practices in support of diversity and inclusive excellence.


The mission of ODECE is to enhance, expand, and ensure inclusive excellence through the practice of diversity. ODECE works with faculty, staff, students, and alumni to initiate and enhance opportunities to achieve understanding and excellence through diversity, thereby promoting faculty and student success, enhancing campus climate, and strengthening community engagement.
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