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Enrollments over time by level - Intro

  • Number of majors enrolled, fall census, over time
    Shown for all, all undergraduates, new freshman, new transfers, all graduates, masters and doctoral
  • All figures are for degree-seeking CU-Boulder students with state-reportable hours. Students on 100% faculty-staff tuition waivers, on study abroad, and enrolled in extended studies (continuing education) courses only are not included.
    Excludes UCD, UCCS, and UCHSC students taking courses at CU-Boulder.
  • Counts all active majors. One student with two majors is counted twice.
    However, each student is counted only once in the college totals and within the overall totals.
  • Students in combined bachelors/masters degree programs are counted in both the 'All undergraduates' and 'All graduate' tables. They are counted only once in the overall total.
    • Prior to 2010 (and CU-SIS) these students have majors ending in '2'. The majors are switched to the actual major. E.g. CHE2 switched to CHEM.
  • Correction made November 2014: Students with the same plan at the master's/PhD level were being double counted from 2010-2014. We removed the plan if it was not set as the primary plan. The majority of students' primary plan was at the PhD level so we removed the master's plan.
  • Each row shows the major code (e.g. PSCI), its SIS label or CU-SIS label (POLITICAL SCIENCE), and the number of majors at that level each fall term.
    • We also show "discipline college," the undergraduate college a graduate-school major is associated with. E.g., the discipline college for PSCI is ARSC or AS. For JOUR, it's JOUR or JR.


  • Changes in major names/codes over time are corrected. E.g., CDSS has been changed to SLHS
  • These are major codes, NOT departments
  • The pre majors (starts with 'PR') have all been grouped together in Arts & Sciences


Last revision 05/02/16

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