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CU-Boulder Fall Census Statistics by Discipline College
First and second college both counted if different

Click here for detail on undergraduates by college, by entry type (freshman, transfer, intra-university transfer).


  • All data are for fall census only.
  • Students with state reportable hours only, Continuing Education excluded.
  • Non-degree and reciprocal (UCCS, UCD, UCHSC) enrollments are excluded. See definitions of discipline college and reciprocal.
  • Students enrolling as a result of Hurricane Katrina in September 2005 are excluded from all tables.
  • Unduplicated totals by level (and overall) are at the bottom of the table. The unduplicated totals match those for degree-seeking students reported elsewhere. See Fall enrollment totals, degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking, and Fall degree-seeking enrollment, by level and residency.
  • Students enrolled in two colleges are counted in both colleges (but only once in the unduplicated totals).
  • Change made September, 2007. Students in combined bachelor's/master's programs are counted at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The 'ALL' totals for each college are unduplicated however, and will not be a simple addition of UG + Grad. This did not affect numbers from Education, Architecture & Planning, Journalism, Law and Music since those schools/colleges do not have the combined bachelor'/master's programs. This change has been made on all years
  • Reciprocal students (UCCS, UCD, UCHSC home campus) are excluded, but were NOT excluded from prior versions of these tables.

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