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Census FALL 1999 compared to FALL 1998

Note: A reporting change effective spring 1999 means that we now count in regular, FTE-reportable enrollment totals a group of resident students enrolling through the ACCESS program (formerly SAVE). These students were previously counted in Continuing Ed (aka Extended Studies, aka B2). Only enrollments in B1 courses are counted.

The ACCESS students include HS concurrents and non-degree students age 20 or over. Numbers for fall 1999:
-- HS concurrents: 91 students
-- Other UG: 203 students
-- Grad level: 254 students

The reporting change is reponsible for almost half of the increase in enrollment between fall '98 and fall '99. It shows most clearly in the resident non-degree counts in tables 3 and 4.

1. Level by Residency
2. Headcount by Admission Type
3. Headcount by School/College
4. Credit Hours by School/College
5. Diversity: Total Enrollment
6. Diversity: All Graduate-Level Students
7. Diversity: All Undergraduates
8. Diversity: All New Freshmen
9. Diversity: Resident New Freshmen
10. Diversity: All Transfers
11. Diversity: Resident Transfers
12. Level by Full Time/Part Time Status

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