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Family incomes of CU-Boulder students

Full-time degree-seeking undergraduates enrolled fall 2000; N 19,892

  • 6,240 applied for need-based financial aid by submitting a FAFSA (federal application form for student aid), and were classified as dependent (financially dependent on parent(s)). Of these
    • 4,751 Colorado residents had a median family income of $65,002 - This is 38% of all full-time degree-seeking resident undergraduates. One presumes that incomes of the 62% not submitting a need-based aid application are generally higher.
    • 1,518 non-residents had a median family income of $92,728 - This is 22% of all full-time degree-seeking undergraduates from outside Colorado
  • 1,413 additional students applied for need-based aid and were classified as independent
    • 92% were Colorado residents
    • Median income $8,462 (this is of the student, not the parents)
  • 12,239 did not apply for need-based financial aid.
    • Family income figures for these students are not available.
    • Questionnaires that are part of registration processes for both ACT and SAT do ask about family income. However, the data collected from these questionnaires would be incomplete, grouped into a only few income bins, and of doubtful reliability. Answers to the income questions are therefore not captured from the ACT/SAT transmissions by CU's Student Information System for any campus.

Other undergraduates - part time, non-degree, and extended studies only. N 3,832

  • 557 dependent, median $63,504
  • 490 independent , median $10,747
  • 2,785 did not apply for need-based financial aid

Graduate-level students (including law, non-degree, and extended-studies only). N 5,569

  • Virtually all with any transactions with Financial Aid are classified as independent
  • 1,651 (30%) submitted a FAFSA. For these the median income was $14,476.

Sources and notes

  • Enrollment data from fall 2000 census reporting files. Will differ slightly from end of term SURDS enrollment counts. Code L:\ir\emgt\FA\
  • Financial aid data from the SURDS financial aid file for 2000-01 (covering fall 00) submitted to CCHE. Income data are from FAFSA submissions.
  • The family incomes of financial aid applicants are obviously not representative of the family incomes of all students. However, correspondence with other institutional research offices in Colorado indicates that family income figures presented for other institutions are frequently limited to financial aid applicants.

Lou McClelland, ODA, CU-Boulder, November 2001

Last revision 05/02/16

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