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CU-Boulder undergraduate graduation & freshman retention highlights
Fall 2015

Six-Year graduation rate

    Overall: The overall 6-year graduation rate was 71% for full-time freshmen entering in 2009, the most recent class to have had a full 6 years to graduate. This is a new record high since tracking began in 1980. This is also the sixth consecutive year in which the graduation rate has either bettered or equaled the previous all-time high.

    Residency: The 6-year graduation rate for Colorado residents set a new high for the second consecutive year (75%), while the non-resident rate also set a new record at 66%.

    Gender:Female students reached an all-time high, with 74% of those who entered in 2009 graduating in 6 years or less. Males graduated at a 68% rate, equaling the all-time high set by the previous year’s cohort.

    Students of color:The 6-year graduation rate for students of color in the entering class of 2009 reached an all-time high at 66%, one percentage point higher than last year, which was the previous record high. The gap between students of color and white students was 6 percentage points, in line with the usual gap historically.

    Pell Grant recipients:The 6-year graduation rate for recipients of federal Pell Grants (a proxy for lower income students) entering in 2009 was 62%, an increase of 2 percentage points over the previous class and 1 percentage point below the all-time high achieved by the entering class of 2007.

    Technical Notes

    For first-time full-time new freshmen entering summer or fall terms
    (full time = 12+ hrs, counted at end of the fall term)

    Students graduating from institutions other than CU-Boulder are NOT counted in the graduation rates.

    Rates are updated each late September or early October with fall census enrollment information and degrees posted through the prior summer term.

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