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CU-Boulder graduation & freshman retention rates - plot by ethnicity-citizenship group

Plots of graduation and retention rates over time, by ethnicity-citizenship group

Full-time freshmen entering summer/fall only
(full time = 12+ hrs, counted at end of the fall term)

Students graduating from institutions other than CU-Boulder are NOT counted in the graduation rates.

Native American rates vary from year to year because the number of entering students in this group is smaller

Over the 18-year period shown:

  • African American grad rate has increased from &B_Beg.% to &B_End.%
  • Asian American grad rate has increased from &A_Beg.% to &A_End.%
  • Hispanic/Chicano grad rate has increased from &H_Beg.% to &H_End.%
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    Run Date 10/03/2014 -- L:\IR\Tracking\analysis\

    Last revision 05/02/16

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