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CU-Boulder graduation & freshman retention rates - plot by ethnicity-citizenship group

Plot of 6-year graduation rates over time, by ethnicity-citizenship group

Full-time freshmen entering summer/fall only
(full time = 12+ hrs, counted at end of the fall term)

Students graduating from institutions other than CU-Boulder are NOT counted in the graduation rates.

Notes about the graphs:

In these plots we used a statistical technique called LOESS smoothing to better show the overall pattern for each ethnic group, which natural year-to-year variation can sometimes make difficult to discern. Rather than individual yearly data points alone, or a jagged line connecting each point, we show curved lines that smooth out the year-to-year variation and show the overall pattern for each group.

The symbols and lines match in color for each ethnic group; for example, the graduation rates for African-Americans for each year are shown as small red circles, while the red line shows the smoothed trend.

The graduation rate for White students has been relatively stable and high. By contrast, graduation rates for ethnic minorities have increased substantially over time, with Asian-Americans going from the upper 40s to the upper 60s, African-Americans from the mid-30s to nearly 60, Hispanic/Chicanos from the mid-40s to the mid-50s, and Native Americans from under 40% to the mid-50s.

Native American rates vary from year to year because the number of entering students in this group is smaller

There have been ups and downs from year to year, partly owing to small numbers, but the general trend has been upward for each ethnic minority group.

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