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Fall 2004 American Association of Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE)
Annual Survey of Graduate Assistant Stipends

Each fall, AAUDE surveys its member universities concerning stipends paid to graduate student teaching and research assistants. Among the information requested for graduate assistants in each category are average cash salary, modal cash salary (i.e., the salary paid to the greatest number of graduate assistants), number of graduate assistants in terms of both full-time equivalents and headcounts, and the average net cost to the institution per graduate assistant (i.e., not only salary paid but also income forgone due to waivers of tuition and/or fees). Salary data are reported adjusted to 50%-time equivalents.

AAUDE compiles these reports from campuses and then issues a summary report late the following summer, showing the information reported by all member institutions that responded to the previous fallís survey, including CU-Boulder; this gives us an opportunity to see how CU-Boulder compares to other AAUDE member institutions.

Below are some basic summary data, based on 36 institutions that reported (33 public, 3 private) in the fall 2004 survey. Click here for tables showing data for individual reporting institutions. For other analyses or any questions, please e-mail ODA at (Please note that we can release institutionsí identities only for internal, CU-Boulder administrative use.)

Teaching Assistants
  Average Cash Salary FTE Avg. Compensation
(Salary minus unwaived tuition/fees)
Resident Non-resident
CU 13,633 455 12,829 12,829
Median 13,756 547 12,825 12,474
Low 10,732 188 7,678 -734
High 19,428 1,380 19,428 19,428

Research Assistants
  Average Cash Salary FTE Avg. Compensation
(Salary minus unwaived tuition/fees)
Resident Non-resident
CU 14,497 421 13,627 13,627
Median 14,712 687 13,914 13,785
Low 10,912 121 8,169 -627
High 19,116 1,415 19,116 19,116

Perry Sailor - L:\ir\aaude\gradasst\sumrpt0405.doc

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