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Flagship 2030 - E-mail about interim reports and 5/13/08 meeting with deans

    Dear 2030 Task Force Chairs and Co-chairs,

    The time is drawing near for your interim reports on the work of your 2030 task forces. Phil and Ric would like to receive these interim reports by May 8th so that we will have time to review them and send them on to the deans in advance of our meeting on May 13.

    Ideally your interim report should consist of a 2-3 page outline or executive summary of the work of your task force. If you have developed a longer document feel free to attach it to your outline/summary.

    Please include:

    • a list of the core and Flagship initiatives assigned to your task force,
    • a brief description of how your task force has approached its scope of work,
    • a brief description of the 3-4 big ideas your task force is working on,
    • any action plans your task force may recommend for implementing these big ideas,
    • a suggested timeline for the action plans,
    • any budget considerations you have already identified, and
    • any questions which need to be answered, either by your task force or the larger group.

    The purpose of these interim reports is to see if we are on track and making progress with each of our task forces and also to identify any overlap or conflicts that need to be resolved.

    Thank you for your on-going commitment to the Flagship 2030 strategic planning process. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Mary Jo White
    Office of the Chancellor

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