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Flagship 2030 Task Force on Enrollment - Email 3-7-08

Hello task force members -  

1. Please reserve Friday April 25, 10-12 AM, as the next meeting of the entire task force.  In the ODA conference room: Regent Hall, room B1-29.  That's the week prior to our May 1 interim report deadline.  We know not all can come then -- the first moment 8-5 M-F all were available was in July! 

2. We have added two members - welcome Bernadette Park of Psychology, and Sylvie Burnet-Jones of International Education.

3. We have split into 3 subgroups, described below.  We assigned each member to one subgroup; these are noted on the roster.   Please check your assignment, and let us know if you'd vastly prefer a different subgroup.

4. The subgroup chairs (Fred, Lou, and Deb Coffin) will organize activities of the subgroups in March and April.  Please expect a call or email about this.

5. This email, notes from the 2/16 meeting, the roster, description of subgroups, and links to other relevant materials are all available at


lou and Fred (and Deb)


Graduate enrollment - Fred Pampel, chair.  Focus on opportunities for and obstacles to growth in graduate enrollment.  Formal link to Plan 2030 graduate task force.

Undergraduate enrollment - Lou McClelland, chair.    With a modest 15-20% increase in undergraduates to 2030, the focus will be on management of processes and policies for recruiting new students, for allocating undergraduate enrollments across colleges, and for considering opportunities for and obstacles to improved undergraduate retention and graduation rates.   Formal links to the Plan 2030 undergraduate education task force, and to the ongoing campus "enrollment prediction" group also chaired by McClelland. 

Year-round learning - Deb Coffin, chair.  Consider opportunities for and obstacles to displacing fall semester on-campus activity, particularly coursework, in space and/or time; recommend which apparent opportunities are worth pursuing further.  Examples of displacement include increased summer activity on campus, and off-campus terms such as study abroad, internships, and service semesters.    Formal link to Plan 2030 facilities task force. 

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