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Flagship 2030 - undergraduate enrollment sub-task-force

The entire enrollment task force, minus some of you who couldn't come, met last Friday 4/25. Most of the discussion was about graduate enrollment, some on year-round, a little bit on UG.

The chairs meeting with deans has been moved to Tues May 13 (previously 5/20).

By May 8 we (chairs/co = Fred/Lou) need to submit an "interim report" to Phil/Ric with

  • a list of the core and Flagship initiatives assigned to your task force, FRED
  • a brief description of how your task force has approached its scope of work - 3 subgroups FRED
  • material from the 3 subgroups summary total 2-3 pp with
    • a brief description of the 3-4 big ideas your task force is working on,
    • any action plans your task force may recommend for implementing these big ideas,
    • a suggested timeline for the action plans,
    • any budget considerations you have already identified, and
    • any questions which need to be answered, either by your task force or the larger group.

Fred, Deb and I are going to try to meet next week to put all together.

From our subgroup I have whats recorded in the notes and to dos from the 4/14 meeting from page 6 of The topics/to dos for UG enrl are extracted below.

Please get me something more 2-3 sentences, outline, issues, something! on your topic, by FRIDAY MAY 2. (yes, this Friday but it was initially due last Friday!)

Topics for the report

Gwen: Financial aid award policy

Kambiz: Housing. Take into account revised scenario, RAP goal, focus on fall new freshmen, freshmen/not mix, other things you mentioned, and what Ric said:

  • expects will build ~1000 new beds in next 10 years, for some combo of frosh and families
  • next part of bear creek could serve (or other parts, once it's built) as housing for a yr while XX was renovated
  • best possible for frosh would be where Engin quad is now, too expensive to renovate/rebuild that

Kevin: Managing enrollments

  • Attend to academic preparation
  • Diversity, ballot measures, first gen/income
  • What if cant get the NR needed
  • Allocation across colleges (see VC update notes)
  • Managing recruiting and admissions
  • Maybe retention and efficiency

Jeff and Sylvie (and John?): Retention, value-added, efficiency, teaching students to use the campus efficiently

  • Example of efficiency reducing average credit hours at degree


  • PWR inheriting CU 101 teaching students to use the campus well, to live in a community. Increases ability to recruit, and adds value. Talk to Mike Grant, of UG task force, re overlap
  • University villages, city/University relations. Talk to Carlos Garcia (UMC director), whos heading work on this in the facilities (I think) task force


  • Write up re assumptions, change in assumptions, scenarios, maybe the query results


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