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Definition of Terms


This is an acronym for the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. The CCHE has the authority to review, approve or discontinue degree programs at public colleges or universities.


Freshman - an undergraduate with less than 30 semester credit hours.

Sophomore - an undergraduate with 30 to 59 semester credit hours.

Junior - an undergraduate with 60 to 89 semester credit hours.

Senior - an undergraduate with 90 or more semester credit hours.

Master's - student with a baccalaureate degree or equivalent and admitted to the Graduate School as a master's candidate.

Doctoral - student with a baccalaureate degree or equivalent and admitted to the Graduate School as a doctoral candidate.

Professional - student enrolled in the School of Law.

Undergraduate Certificate - student with an undergraduate degree seeking a teaching license..

Graduate Certificate - student with a graduate degree seeking a teaching license.

Post Masters - student with a master's degree, doing advanced work and not enrolled as a doctoral candidate.


This refers to students who are enrolled and taking classes on the Boulder Campus, but their home institution is CU-Colorado Springs, CU-Denver, or the CU-Health Sciences Center.


Credit Hours - The total number of hours for which students in a group being reported are enrolled.

Term FTE - full-time equivalency for a specific term that is a proxy for fiscal year FTE. Credit hours divided by 15 and rounded to a whole number whi creates minor categorical arithmetic errors. Added September 2015

FY FTE - full-time equivalency for the entire fiscal year as defined by CDHE. Credit hours divided by 30 and rounded to a whole number. Formatting FTE as an integer does create minor categorical arithmetic errors.


Ethnicity is self-reported for students who are U.S. citizens, or resident aliens with either permanent residency or refuge status. Nonresident aliens or resident aliens who do not have permanent residency or refuge status are reported as foreign students.


Full-time : undergraduates enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester or graduate students enrolled in 5 or more credit hours per semester or enrolled for dissertation or thesis credits.

Part-time : undergraduates and graduates who are not full-time.


Undergraduate - students seeking a baccalaureate degree and special students who do not have a baccalaureate degree.

Graduate - students enrolled in the Graduate School, School of Law, Graduate School of Business Administration, and special students who have a baccalaureate degree.


Continuing - regular continuing students including formal time-out students who reenroll and intra-university transfer students.

Readmits - returning former students, excluding formal time-out students.

New freshmen - students who have not enrolled in a college since graduating from high school.

New graduates/professionals - new students at the graduate level without previous transferable graduate hours.

Transfers - students new to the Boulder campus with transferable course work from another college or university.


Residency status is determined by the Tuition Classification Office based on definitions used for tuition purposes.


Student Credit Hours represent the sum of the products of the number of students enrolled in each course section multiplied by the credit hour value assigned to each course section.

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