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Finding CU-Boulder Rank in Research Expenditures

NSF reporting changed for FY10 expenditures. See mention of Colorado in this NSF brief on FY2010 R&D.

Remaining material on this page refers to FY09 and earlier only

FOR CU SYSTEM – all campuses combined including medical

NSF survey, Generic head page for this survey is

Head page for report issued Aug 06 (thru 04)

Then the detailed stat tables from that report

Table 27

Table 27. R&D expenditures at universities and colleges, ranked by FY 2004 R&D expenditures: FY 1997-2004

Shows by school (or system) by year. Doesn’t show a rank for ea year but shows amount for ea year and rank for most recent. For 2004 CU sys = 20th, Berkeley alone 13th, etc. Johns Hopkins always first.

ALT SOURCE – expenditures BY CAMPUS. Lists Boulder and HSC separately

Is TheCenter

go to data

go to total research and you get an excel

that shows our rank for 99 00 01 02 03, no 04 here yet
   the “national rank” is our rank vs. other US schools
   the “control rank” is our rank w/i publics only
   and “our rank” = Boulder period.

There are other Excels there with pct of expenditures by discipline, change over longer time, etc.


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