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Sponsored research expenditures and awards by department, 1968 to present

Click here for the large Excel file that shows awards and expenditures 1968 through fiscal year 2014-2015. It will be updated annually in the fall after release of the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) annual report. This report is updated in late August/early September with figures for the previous fiscal year (i.e. report released in 2012 contains data from fiscal year 2011-2012).

Highlights with notes on query methods

  • In fiscal year 2015, 14 ODA units had $10 million or more in sponsored research expenditures, accounting together for $309 million of the total $390 million in expenditures (79%). Four of the 14 units are institutes (CIRES, INSTAAR, JILA, and LASP), plus aerospace, chemistry, chemical engineering, CVEN, ECEN, MCD-Biology, physics psychology and VC Student Affairs.
    • See these results using the "top 10" data filter in the "ODA Depts summary" tab with the measure "Exp. in unit, last FY"
  • In the same year, 9 instructional ODA units had $3 million or more in sponsored research expenditures allocated from non-instructional ODA units (i.e. institutes or administrative units) based on the tenure department of the principal investigator (PI) on an individual project. These 9 units accounted for $124 million of the total $139 million in allocated expenditures (89%). These 9 units are APS, atmospheric & oceanic sciences, chemistry, EBIO, english, geography, geology, physics, and psychology. Click here for more information on allocation methods.
    • See these results using the "top 10" data filter in the "ODA Depts summary" tab with the measure "Exp. allocated from institutes, last FY"
  • 24 OCG units have had sponsored research activity in all 48 fiscal years since 1968
    • "Top 10" data filter, "OCGunits summary", "Yrs w activity FY68+"
  • Sponsored research expenditures over the last five fiscal years (2011-2015) have totaled $1.89 billion. 91% of these have been in A&S natural science units (22%), engineering units (17%), and the research institutes (53%).
    • See tab "Pivot summary"

Format of the Excel file

Data are shown:

  • By "OCG unit," to match listings in OCG reports.
    • With both awards (number and amount, from FY 1968 and on) and expenditures in the unit (from FY 1997 and on). OCG cautions that "the most accurate way to make year-to-year comparisons of data on research and other sponsored program activity is to look at actual expenditures." This is primarily because awards can be multiyear.
  • By ODA Department.
    • Awards are not shown in this, ONLY research expenditures
    • ODA Dept is assigned from the sponsoring department ID of the research project
    • Research expenditures in the unit since FY 2000 from the CIW dataset GL_BUDG_ACT_ENCUMB_LINES_BASE.
    • And with expenditures allocated one department to another, for FY 2000 and later only, based on the tenure department of the PI of a project. Previous versions of this file were done with a gross approximation. Click here for more information on allocation methods and a comparison between the two calculations.
      • See the tab 'Alloc_detail' for a summary of the most recent FY showing how expenditures are being allocated from one ODA Dept to another
      • We are not able to match EXACTLY to the totals in the OCG unit (but within $500k for a given FY)
      • With VC division, college, and A&S cluster shown for each unit in all listings
    • By individual fiscal year
      • And summarized over all fiscal years since 1968, the most recent five fiscal years, and most recent fiscal year
    • In listings which can be further summarized or filtered
      • And in pivot tables of two types: with school, college, cluster, and division results and for reconciling to OCG totals

    The file also includes definitions, and correspondence between OCG and ODA units.

CAUTION: The Excel file is quite large (405 kb). We recommend downloading to your own machine if you intend to do additional queries or manipulations.

Also see sponsored research expenditures by the principal investigator's (PI) job category, code and title.   FY 2006-07 |  FY 2007-08 |  FY 2008-09 |  FY 2009-10 |  FY 2010-11

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