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We strive to be a diverse campus, welcoming students of all ages, ethnicities, gender, location, and sexual orientation. Below you will find reports that we have run, along with the CU System, tracking our progress as an institution. If you find a population that is not covered and would like to work with us to create a report, please contact us.

Regent Diversity Report
  • Contains diversity information on enrollment, graduation and retention rates, admissions and other student-related data. (CU Diversity Report)

Fall Census Enrollment
  • CU Boulder enrollment by gender and ethnic/racial group by level and college over-time. (Enrollment webpage)

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • All surveys administered by ODA contain information about gender and ethnicity. (Surveys Webpage)

Faculty and Staff

Financial Aid
  • Financial aid profiles for degree-seeking undergraduates by residency and family financial capability. (Financial Aid Webpage)


Campus Indicators


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