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Diversity: Faculty/Staff/Administrators over time -- Technical Notes

Technical notes, faculty/staff over time by division and group

Data source: Payroll files.

Population: Individuals with a non-student appointment of at least 50% as of October 1 of the year shown.

Job groupings: Individuals were placed in job groupings (e.g., professor, researcher) based on the highest-ranking job title among appointments of 50% of more. Call this the selected appointment.

Divisions and colleges: Individuals were placed in a division, and college with Academic Affairs, based on the account number contributing the most money to the selected appointment, The rules used to place individuals in divisions and colleges are as of December 1999. For example, Admissions and the Registrar are placed in Academic Affairs for EVERY YEAR SHOWN, including years when they were actually in Student Affairs. This makes the figures comparable over time.

The division of Office of Data Analytics was placed in the "Chancellor" division for every year, rather than shown separately, because it is so small.

Individuals with home departments Pharmacy, Environmental Design, and Silver and Gold Record, now associated with the UCHSC, UCD, and CU-system, respectively, were eliminated entirely from all years. (253 total person-year combinations)

142 individuals were assigned to divisions/colleges on the basis of home department because their accounts had no current mappings. Example: Events Center staff placed in Chancellor division.

52 person-year instances (out of about 50,000) were dropped because they could not be easily placed in a division or college. Examples: BIO serve, CCAR, INREAL. Exclusion of this small number should not affect any results.

Gender and ethnicity: Percentage minority is calculated using a base excluding international. Minority includes African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American. Example: 30 minorities, 60 whites, 10 international. Total 100. Percentage minority = 30 ( 100 - 10 international) = 30/90 = 1/3.

Ethnicity is self-reported by the employee. The under 1% with missing ethnicity are grouped with whites based on prior odds, for presentation simplicity. Similarly, the under 1% with missing gender are grouped with males.

Exclusions from selected tables: In tables that are by division (or college) and by job group, officers are excluded because there are so few in any one division or college. In the same tables, certain "rare combinations" of division and job group are excluded, again for presentation simplicity. Individuals in these combinations are included in totals. Combinations excluded: Food/custodial workers in academic affairs, academic appointments in administration, food/custodial workers and academic appointments in the chancellor division, and academic appointments (except non-tenure track instructional) in student affairs. The number of person-year combinations so excluded totals under 100.

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Last updated 01/2000