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Annual Progress Report on Campus Diversity Plan:
"A Blueprint for Action"

CU-Boulder’s commitment to diversity is articulated in the campus diversity plan, A Blueprint for Action, published in 1999. The plan has served as the basis for implementation of diversity initiatives and programs on the campus.

The Blueprint for Action plan has three primary goals

  • To build and maintain an inclusive campus environment
  • To recruit, support, retain, and graduate a diverse student population
  • To maintain and enhance diversity in employment of staff, faculty, and administrators.

Accountability and responsibility for implementing the diversity plan and for achieving diversity success are shared throughout the campus among the Chancellor's and other administrative offices, faculty, staff, students, and governance groups. The Office of Diversity and Equity, established in 1998, provides the dedicated leadership and oversight of the campus diversity efforts.

Performance and progress towards the goals of the diversity plan are measured annually against the plan’s stated performance metrics.

The annually updated tables of statistical measures list each Blueprint for Action measure plus contextual information. The plan measures are labeled with bold numbers on the far left of the row. The plots of these measures show the course of each plan measure over time.

All plan measures are shown in the plotted time series. The time series show...

  • Steady long-term increases in...
    • Six-year graduation rates of Colorado freshmen of color (2A.3)
    • Tenured and tenure-track faculty of color (3A)
    • Female tenured and tenure-track faculty (3B)
    • Administrators of color (3C)
  • Mixed results on…...
    • Bachelor’s degrees to Colorado students of color (2A)
      • Steady gains overall, but 2008-09 showed two consecutive years of decline for the first time since 1995
    • New Colorado undergraduate students of color (2A.1)
      • Steady and sharp gains through 2003, but has leveled off since
    • Classified staff of color in selected job classes (3D)
      • Small but steady increases 1995-2004, but has shown a slight decline since, although the percentage has held steady
    • Graduate-level degrees to students of color (2B)
      • Up and down, small decline overall from 1995-2002, but a steady increase since
  • Minimal progress on...
    • Percentage of Colorado high school graduates of color enrolling as new freshmen (2A.1a)
    • Marked decline from 1995-98, then 5 years of steady gains through 2003, declining since to new lows in 2008-09. (The actual numbers of new resident undergrads of color have held steady since 2003, but the pool of HS grads of color in Colorado has continued to grow, which has made our percentage decline.)
    • New graduate-level students of color (2B.1)
    • One-year retention of Colorado freshmen of color (2A.2). However, it has held steady at a pretty high level, between 81-87% in each of the last 10 years.

In addition to the campus-wide annual assessment of diversity plan measures, the Office of Diversity and Equity regularly updates campus activities and their effects for each plan goal. Please see the following recent reports on these campus activities and diversity efforts.


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