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Degrees awarded five most recent fiscal years (FY 2011 - 2015)


Detail on gender and ethnicity. By degree level, degree program, discipline college, and Arts and Sciences cluster. Click here for a large (1 MB) excel file. We recommend saving it to your computer if you will be using it frequently. Further instructions for using the file appear on the Intro tab. Also see the Notes section below for definitions of terms used.

The following tables do NOT include gender/ethnicity details.

Duplicated degrees awarded by discipline college, degree program, and degree level (Tables 1 - 3)

Unduplicated degrees awarded by discipline college and degree level (Tables 4 - 7)


All tables show counts of degrees, not degree recipients

The tables show awards categorized by:
-- level (bachelors, masters, doctorate)
-- discipline college
-- cluster within discipline college A&S (Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences)
-- name of the CCHE approved degree program
-- degree (e.g. MA, MS, MBA)
-- gender and ethnicity of degree recipient ("Detail on gender and ethnicity" Excel file only)

Degree program does not always correspond to major. For example, business students may major in accounting, finance, or other areas, but all receive degrees in the program "Business Administration."

Double-degree students (e.g. BA-Geology, BS Business Administration, or BA-Theater, BFA Dance) are counted twice in all tables. Exception: BA/BFA and MA/MFA in the same field (e.g. dance) are counted only once.

Double majors: Students receiving one degree in two programs (e.g. BA-English, BA-History) are counted twice in tables 1 - 3 but only once in tables 4 - 7. Third programs are also counted. Reports to CCHE for 1998-99 and after have reported each major separately for students earning a single degree (e.g. a BA) with two majors. Reports prior to that counted the first major only. All majors have been counted in all years in this listing, which will therefore not match CCHE figures for 97-98 and earlier.

Note: "Discipline college" for undergraduates is the same as roster college. For students rostered in the graduate school, discipline college is derived from major. Examples: English = Arts & Sciences; Electrical Engineering = Engineering; Accounting = Business. Other graduate level students are rostered not in the Graduate School but in Business (MBA's) or Law.

A&S cluster: for unduplicated counts (tables 4 - 7), degrees are placed into a single cluster based on the student's first major.

Fiscal year is summer, fall, spring. E.g., FY2010-11 is summer 2010, fall 2010, and spring 2011.

Late posts: Degrees posted after about October 1 are shown with the fiscal year in which they were posted, not the FY listed with date earned.

Changes in program names have been tracked. For example, degrees are not listed under both Communication Disorders and Speech Science and Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, the new name for this program.

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