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University of Colorado Boulder Approved Degree Programs

Note: This list is as of September 2015 with programs approved through 09/11/2015.
See also: Colorado Dept of Higher Education listing of approved degrees offered

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School, College or Program A&S Division of responsible dept Program name CIP code and CIP sequence Bachelor's Additional Bachelor's, CIP seq 02 Master's Doctorate - Professional Practice Doctorate - Research
ENGR   Aerospace Engineering Sciences 14.0201 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering Sciences 14.0201-01   M.S.  
CMCI   Media and Public Engagement 09.0102     M.A.    
CMCI   Media Studies 09.0102 B.A.        
CMCI   Media Production 09.0199 B.A.        
CMCI   Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Practices 09.0799     M.F.A.    
CMCI   Strategic Communication 09.0900 B.S.        
CMCI Strategic Communication Design 09.0900 M.A.
CMCI   Media Research and Practice 09.9999         Ph.D.
CMCI   Information Science 11.0401 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
CMCI   Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance 50.0706         Ph.D.
CMCI   Emergent Technologies and Media Art Practices 50.9999         Ph.D.
ARSC SS Anthropology 45.0201 B.A. I.B.A. M.A.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Applied Mathematics 27.0301 B.S.        
ARSC NS Applied Mathematics 27.0301     M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Architectural Engineering 14.0401 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters oo Science in Architectural Engineering 14.0401-01     M.S.AREN    
ARSC AH Art History 50.0703 B.A.   M.A.    
MUSC   Arts in Music 50.0901 B.A.Mus.        
ARSC AH Asian Languages and Civilizations 16.0300     M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC AH Asian Studies 05.0103 B.A.        
ARSC NS Astronomy 40.0201 B.A. I.B.A.      
ARSC NS Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences 40.0202     (M.S.)   Ph.D.
ARSC NS Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 40.0401 B.A.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ARSC SS Audiology 51.0202 Aud. D.
ARSC NS Biochemistry 26.0202 B.A. I.B.A. (M.S.)   Ph.D.
BUSN   Business Administration 52.0201 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
BUSN   Accounting 52.0301     M.S.    
BUSN   Taxation 52.1601     M.S.    
BUSN   Finance 52.0801     M.S.    
BUSN   Business Analytics 52.1302     M.S.    
BUSN   Business Administration 52.0201-02     M.B.A.    
ENGR   Chemical Engineering 14.0701 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering 14.0701-01     M.S.    
GRAD   Chemical Physics 40.0508         Ph.D.
ENGR   Chemical and Biological Engineering 14.4301 B.S.        
ARSC NS Chemistry 40.0501 B.A. I.B.A. (M.S.)   Ph.D.
ARSC AH Chinese 16.0301 B.A.        
ENGR   Civil Engineering 14.0801 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Civil Engineering 14.0801-01     M.S.    
ARSC AH Classics 16.1200 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC   Cognitive Science (joint degree only) 30.2501         Ph.D.
CMCI   Communication 09.0101 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC SS Comparative Ethnic Studies 05.0200         Ph.D.
ARSC AH Comparative Literature 16.0104     M.A.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Computer Science 11.0701 B.S. B.A. M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Computer Science 11.0701-01   M.S.    
ENGR   Computational Linguistics, Analytics, Search and Informatics (CLASIC) 11.0102   M.S.    
ARSC AH Creative Writing 23.1302 M.F.A.
ARSC AH Dance 50.0301 B.A. B.F.A. M.F.A.    
ARSC   Distributed Studies 30.9999 B.A.        
ARSC NS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 26.1310 B.A. I.B.A. M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC SS Economics 45.0601 B.A.   (M.A.)   Ph.D.
EDUC   Educ-Curriculum & Instruction 13.0301     M.A.   Ph.D.
EDUC   Educ-Learning Sciences and Human Development 13.0607     M.A.   Ph.D.
EDUC   Educ-Research & Evaluation Methodology 13.0601         Ph.D.
EDUC   Educ-Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice 13.0901     M.A.   Ph.D.
EDUC   Educ-Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity 13.0299     M.A.   Ph.D.
EDUC   Leadership and Community Engagement 44.0201 B.A.        
ENGR   Electrical & Computer Engineering 14.0901 B.S.        
ENGR   Electrical Engineering 14.1001 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering 14.1001-01     M.S.    
ENGR   Engineering 14.0101     M.E.    
ENGR   Engineering Plus 14.0101-02 B.S.        
ARSC NS Engineering Physics 14.1201 B.S.        
ARSC AH English 23.0101 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARPL   Environmental Design 04.0401 B.Envd.        
ENGR   Environmental Engineering 14.1401 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering 14.1401-01     M.S.    
ARSC NS Environmental Studies 03.0103 B.A. I.B.A. M.S.   Ph.D.
ARSC SS Ethnic Studies 05.0200 B.A.        
ARSC AH Film Studies 50.0601 B.A. B.F.A.      
ARSC AH French 16.0901 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC NS Geography 45.0701 B.A. I.B.A. M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC NS Geology 40.0601 B.A. I.B.A. M.S.   Ph.D.
GRAD   Geophysics 40.0603         Ph.D.
ARSC AH German Studies 16.0500 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC AH History 54.0101 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC AH Humanities 24.0103 B.A.        
ENGR   Information and Communication Technology for Development 30.9999-03     M.S.    
ARSC NS Integrative Physiology 26.0901 B.A. I.B.A. M.S.   Ph.D.
ARSC SS International Affairs 30.2001 B.A.        
ARSC AH Italian 16.0902 B.A.        
ARSC AH Japanese 16.0302 B.A.        
ARSC AH Jewish Studies 38.0206 B.A.        
CMCI   Journalism 09.0499 B.A.   M.A.    
LAWS   Law 22.0101       J.D.  
ARSC SS Linguistics 16.0102 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
LAWS   Masters of Studies in Law 22.0299     M.S.L.    
LAWS   Master of Laws 22.0201     LL.M.    
ARSC NS Masters of the Environment 03.0103-01     M.Env.    
ENGR   Materials Science & Engineering 14.1801     M.S.   Ph.D.
ARSC NS Mathematics 27.0101 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Mechanical Engineering 14.1901 B.S.   M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering 14.1901-01     M.S.    
ARSC NS Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology 26.0406 B.A. I.B.A. (M.A.)   Ph.D.
GRAD   Museum & Field Studies 30.1401     M.S.    
MUSC   Music 50.0902         Ph.D.
MUSC   Music 50.0903 B.Mus.   M.Mus.    
MUSC   Music Education 13.1312 B.Mus.Ed.   M.Mus.Ed.    
MUSC   Musical Arts 50.0903         D.Mus.A.
ARSC NS Neuroscience (Ph.D. is a joint degree only) 26.1501 B.A.       Ph.D.
ARSC AH Philosophy 38.0101 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC NS Physics 40.0801 B.A. I.B.A. (M.S.)   Ph.D.
ARSC SS Political Science 45.1001 B.A.   (M.A.)   Ph.D.
ARSC NS Psychology 42.0101 B.A. I.B.A. (M.A.)   Ph.D.
BUSN   Real Estate 52.1501     M.S.    
BUSN   Supply Chain Management 52.0203     M.S.    
ARSC AH Religious Studies 38.0201 B.A.   M.A.    
ARSC AH Russian Studies 05.0110 B.A.   M.A.    
ARSC SS Sociology 45.1101 B.A.   (M.A.)   Ph.D.
ARSC AH Spanish 16.0905 B.A.   M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC SS Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences 51.0201 B.A. I.B.A. M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC AH Art Practices 50.0702 B.A. B.F.A. M.F.A.
ENGR   Technology, Arts and Media 30.9999-04 B.S.        
ENGR   Technology, Media, & Society (ATLAS) 30.1501         Ph.D.
ENGR   Telecommunications 14.1004     M.S.   Ph.D.
ENGR   Masters of Science in Telecommunications 14.1004-01     M.S.    
ARSC AH Theatre 50.0501 B.A. B.F.A. M.A.   Ph.D.
ARSC AH Experience Design 50.0599     M.F.A.    
ARSC SS Women's Studies 05.0207 B.A.        
Number of programs in each level 70 18 83 2 59
Total number of distinct program names = 105 Total number of programs at all levels = 227
Note: Master's degree programs listed in parentheses are offered as part of the PhD program only.

CIPS are also used for undergraduate enrollments in Engineering or Arts & Sciences when a student's major is undetermined or undeclared, and for Arts and Sciences students interested in moving to, and doing work preparatory for, Engineering or Business.
College of responsible dept A&S Division of responsible dept Program name CIP code and CIP sequence Bachelor's Add'l bachelor's, CIP seq 02 Master's Doctorate - Professional Practice Doctorate - Research
ARSC   Arts & Sciences, Open Option 24.0199          
BUSN   Business, Open Option 52.0299          
ENGR   Engineering, Open Option 14.9999          
MUSC   Music, Undeclared 50.0999          
ARSC   Pre-Business Arts & Sciences 52.0299          
ARSC   Pre-Engineering Arts & Sciences 14.0102        


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