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Grade distributions and FCQ ratings by course

The following Excel file presents grade distributions and FCQ ratings, by course section, for courses taught in the fall and spring terms since fall 2006. All undergraduate and graduate courses reporting at least ten grades are included (ungraded sections like most labs and recitations are excluded). Pivot tables summarize by course number (across sections and terms) and by course subject. The tables can be modified to perform further analyses.

Some features in the file use Excel macros. See the bar at the top that says "Security Warning Macros have been disabled." Click on 'Options' and select 'Enable this content.'

Further instructions for using the file appear on the Intro tab.

PLEASE NOTE that the file is very large and should be saved to your computer if you want to access it frequently. Also, we've noticed some problems with opening the file directly in your browser. To avoid this, you should always download and SAVE THE FILE TO YOUR COMPUTER before opening. The method for doing this varies between web browsers (in Internet Explorer, click "Save" when asked to open or save the file). Please contact us if you have difficulties with the file.

August 2016: Updated with spring 2016 data.

Click here to access the Excel file.

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