PLC Student Writes Children’s Book on Climate Change

October 10, 2013

MATTEO'S DAY OFF - A tale about a culture soon to be washed away by the rising tides

Written by PLC's very own, Romain Vakilitibar, Matteo's Day Off tells the story of a boy who wakes up on an island in the South Pacific. While he learns about the power of culture, and of community, he learns about the implications of climate change on the future of these islanders who have become his friends.

The intention of the book is simple: to educate kids (and their parents and teachers) of an urgent global problem that is currently impacting the fate of millions of islanders and hundreds of cultures that might soon perish due to climate change.

This great book is not widely available by a large distributer, but if you are interested in purchasing a copy, contact Romain Vakilitabar directly at: or