INVST Students Attend Detroit Conference

Detroit, Michigan is not a city of ghosts. It is not a city of decay. Despite having been taken over by an Emergency Financial Manager as it faces bankruptcy and considers selling everything it has, Detroit is a city of vibrant, resilient people, calling upon a deep legacy of struggle for social justice, to create relationships and values for a better future.

Two students from CU's INVST Community Studies, Cassidy Rosen and Fernando Abbud, attended a conference hosted by 98-year-old Grace Lee Boggs in Detroit the week of June 23.

This past Spring semester, INVST Community Studies offered a course on grassroots change-makers who are innovating in Detroit. Rosen and Abbud, who were Environmental Design majors at CU-Boulder, were able to go to Detroit for this conference, thanks to support from Children, Youth & Environments, Professor Willem Van Vliet, INVST Community Studies and their instructor, Sabrina Sideris. Rosen and Abbud are ready to share the syllabus from this CU-Boulder course and tell about the service-learning experience, so that other educators can consider offering a similar learning experience.

More information about the conference:

Detroit 2013: Making A Way Out of No Way: Towards the Next American Revolution! June 23 - June 30, Conference sponsored by the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

The conference featured: Shea Howell, educator/activist; the Cass Corridor Commons, a progressive community space; a presentations called "What time is it on the clock of the world?" by Chinese-American activist/philosopher Grace Lee Boggs; a presentation on "the new work" by Professor Frithjof Bergmann; The Hush House Black Community Museum; the International Leadership and Training Institute for Human Rights; Detroit Summer; Detroit's Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Team, and the Rev. Sandra Simmons.

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